Thursday, October 20, 2011

my dear boss

My dear boss Mr Moo,
Happy birthday my dear boss , is your 24th birthday .......
with my full wish,
wish you have a wonderful birthday, healthy and happy life,
stay handsome but not to kill more butterfly (^_^) hahaha,
have a smoother career path, grab you chance , climb as high as you can , now u r nobody but i believe one day you will be somebody .......

most important is do not forget me when you are somebody........

may your day full with joy and happiness.....

Happy Birthday!


  1. yo babe~thanks so much the way...when you come to Singapore...any details?

  2. You r most welcome, we will be there on 09/12/11 (nite) n cum bck to Malaysia on 13 (morning), we will stay at Pui Yeng there, if her Sis allowed, but still need to confirm with her again.